28th July 2017 ::

By David Waterhouse

I want to be a landlord, but I don’t want to be hated!

We all know, because we are told… we have a National Housing Crisis.

But who really explains what is the real crisis – what is the root problem? What might be the real answer?

We must become a nation of home owners, but we are not building enough homes. It’s not a new problem – no government of any shade has surely addressed the problem for decades.

The huge price rises enjoyed by the ‘lucky generation’ – the Baby Boomers – have been blamed for us being in the situation today.

Knight Frank have done research validating that renting is now a lifestyle choice for many couples and families. Renting provides flexibility with financial ‘surprises’ like the boiler needing to be replaced, being someone else’s problem. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation suggests that 3.7m young people will be reliant on the PRS for housing by 2020.

So the need for a thriving Private Rental Sector has never been more important or valid.

But Shelter, Generation Rent and the like say most landlords are greedy and avaricious.

However, some landlords, most landlords, OUR landlords provide homes, not accommodation.

As a landlord you can provide a legacy for you and your family, whilst ensuring some income if you need it, or the vehicle for significant capital growth over time.

These same organisations say tenants want the security of tenure and are demanding a 3 year agreement. We know from letting over 180 properties every year, that tenants are staying longer than ever before, but the average is just over 18 months – not 3 years.

So just how right are these tenant representatives?

You want to be a landlord, but you don’t want to be judged or hated for doing so?

You can be part of finding the solution – being a property owner, but providing a family a home.