18th September 2017 ::

By David Waterhouse

The value of an investment property in Yorkshire

As an experienced property investor as well as the only specialist letting agent in Ilkley, I am regularly asked about the value of property investment in Yorkshire in general and the Wharfe, & Aire Valleys and Harrogate in particular.

The guide below hope to dispel the myths and explain what values matter and how to measure them to understand exactly how ‘profitable’ your rental property will be.

The ‘value’ of the property can best be measured in two ways.

It is very important to understand which way ideally best suits both your requirements and importantly, what your investment is to achieve for you and you alone.

Rental yield

  • This is the income that your rental property is going to give you. This can be calculated simply as:
    • Rent x 12/£property value – and you should be looking for this figure to be circa 4.5-5% or above!

We know this doesn’t represent or account for all costs involved in the purchasing or running of a rental property – but it’s a good and, most importantly consistent, recognised calculation.

Capital appreciation

  • This is unfortunately where can be no calculation and no google search that will give you the answer!
  • It is your own knowledge, helped in part by a clued-up property investment consultant like Angus Roberts, which will enable you to establish the area which is likely to be one that will see good or above average capital growth over the longer term.

Best areas of Yorkshire for property investment

In this part of Yorkshire you will see the best yield in the Aire Valley, where the capital cost is likely to be less than the Wharfe Valley. However we would suggest that if capital appreciation is your priority, this is likely to be maximised in the Wharfe Valley or Harrogate.

The best news of all… All of these areas provide a rich prospect for whatever level of property investment you are looking for, at almost every price point – AND cater for every type of property (flat, apartment, starter home or larger family house) and every kind of renter (singles, young couples, new families, older families, retirees).

Angus Roberts is here to help, guide and advise you, to find the answer to your questions in line with your requirements and hopefully to end up with your perfect property!

So call in, or get in touch …. We’re here to help!

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