20th November 2017 ::

By David Waterhouse

Who Makes the Best Tenant?

Now there’s a question!

It’s is often thought that people rent because they have to not because they want to.

However, our experience is that for some tenants this might not be the case. For many it is a decision that provides flexibility, certainty and, more often than not, sufficient security.

What any landlord is looking for is the tenant who will make the house their home and stay for reasonable period whilst giving plenty of notice when they finally need to move on.

When thinking of the property you want to buy you should always be mindful of what your desired tenants are looking for, or what is likely to attract the ‘best tenants’.

So how to define ‘best tenant’:

    • Young professionals:
      • High household income
      • Prepared to pay for quality
    • Young family:
      • Looking longer term – room to grow
      • Want to make a home
    • Newly retired:
      • Income no problem
      • Prepared to pay for what works for them
      • Likely to be looking long term

Of course, they could all be good tenants. But for the young professional renting their first apartment or small house could well be just a staging point to their next rental, or out of the market and onto the property ladder as an owner occupier.

For the young family, they may be choosing to rent, or be unable to get on the property ladder, and be looking for somewhere that they can grow into, start a family, or just call ‘home’.

The newly retired renter will probably have made a conscious choice to sell the family home and go into rented accommodation – investing the proceeds of their house sale and letting someone else have the worry of the boiler breaking or the roof leaking!

There may be ‘nowt s’queer as folk’ but it’s sometimes the less obvious people who make fantastic tenants.

At Angus Roberts our extensive experience of the lettings market gives us an ideal perspective and wealth of experience to help our landlords get the best tenant.  To take advantage of our excellent, measured, professional advice regarding choosing the right tenant for your property contact office@angusroberts.com