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Become a Landlord with Angus Roberts

Why choose Angus Roberts as your property management company?

People want to become a landlord for many different reasons; some choose to build an investment portfolio through property, others may find themselves accidental landlords, whilst a small selection may be looking for a sound financial investment for hard-earned accumulation of savings.

Angus Roberts is the safe choice. We help secure a long-term financial returns on rental properties in Ilkley and surrounding areas, and provide reassurance that your investment is being looked after and maintained by an experienced property management company.

We’ve worked with every type of landlord, always delivering the same high quality advice and care regardless of the reason for renting a property. We’re proud to have built, and to continue to build, long-term relationships with our landlords and to support them through additional rental purchases and renovations, responding swiftly and efficiently to any changing needs.

As the saying goes, we’re as safe as houses, so choose Angus Roberts Lettings as your preferred agent.


How do I become a Landlord?

If you’re looking to make your first purchase, Angus Roberts offers a free advice and consultation service to help you buy the right property that will provide a worthwhile return on investment. Whether it’s a house to rent in the beautiful Aire Valley, or a flat to rent in Ilkley, we can guide you through viewing a property to advising on renovations. It’s about making sure you make the right decision for your situation.

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